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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Nokia X5 Review

Nokia X5 Review
If you are speaking of music features, a new series made by Nokia it's been making the sector champion. About the design features of the entertainment and social networking sites, then you should explore first.

Broadly speaking, this phone provides a variety of features to some of the things that was to be a trend such as Facebook, chatting, games, music and multimedia.

X5 series has an unusual design, square-shaped spiked with Qwerty slider concept. When tried, its Qwerty keypad is very comfortable and soft. Especially when used for writing messages, access to social networks, and multimedia apply. Small, compact body also feels good in hand.

Overall body appearance looks very stylish with a glossy color and cast alloy stainless steel casing at the rear. So solid and energetic! 2.36-inch flat-screen area (resolution 320 × 240 pixels) are immersed in the X5 looks so crisp and clear. Email posted on the main screen and social networking widgets so users can access directly in the delivery of a message or status update.

Under the screens, neatly lined up four-way navigation key, softkey Left, Right softkey, Home, instant access buttons, media player, Call, and Endcall / Power. Turning to the right side, there are only volume buttons on the left side and none on display. At the top you'll find a micro USB port and 3.5 mm audio jack. While below it there are two speakers in the form of elongated holes.

Nokia X5 equipped with a powerful 5 MP camera (2592 x 1944 pixels) with up to 4 times magnification, autofocus, as well as various support professional features like dual LED flash, Scene mode, Self-timer, Sequance mode, and so forth. Deemed complete enough for a camera phone.

Currently in use to shoot moving objects outdoors, the result is very satisfactory. The images are also quite satisfactory when used in outdoor where the flash is off. In indoor or low light conditions too. For his own image size can be adjusted as needed. For MMS, Email, or upload photos to networking sites. Starting from the smallest 0.3 megapixel camera, 0.8 megapixels, 2 megapixels, 3 megapixels, the largest up to 5 megapixels.

The camera can also run a video recorder. If you want to use the video recorder, simply press the Leftkey and choose 'switch to video mode ". Some of the settings offered was the same full-featured camera. Among them there is a Panorama mode, Scene mode, Video light on, White balance and Colour tone.

The video player is offered a standard Symbian, which is Real Player. It supports MPEG4-SP video VGA, QVGA MPEG4-AVC, WMV9 QVGA, MPEG4-SP nHD. Limited resolution, a maximum of 15 fps. This means that only certain MPEG4 with playable framerate at X5.

There is also a music player and stereo FM Radio with RDS. Music player supports files mp3, AAC, eAAC + and WMA, Shazam to identify songs that are not recognizable, and Playlist DJ to adjust the playlist by mood.

The most favored is the new motion controls and smart named Surprise me! For example, the user can rotate the phone to get the rhythm of the song files at random. Not to forget the integrated output of highly qualified speakers. When listening to music in a position of maximum volume, the sound remains 'crisp' and 'crisp'.

Especially if you listen via headset, equalizer option offered was more optimal. Lets you explore the musical abilities. While the radio is equipped with features directory and internet radio station that can access hundreds of online radio stations worldwide. But unfortunately, again if you want to enjoy radio broadcasts, the headset must be plugged first.

Means of connection in the phone OS Symbian S60 3rd Edition is fairly lengkap.Dari start Bluetooth v2.1 with A2DP, micro USB, up to 3.6 Mbps 3G/HSDPA. Fun, if you hang out at the cafe or a location that has a hotspot, can utilize WiFi for internet connection.

Nokia X5 is also packed with social networking applications: Facebook, Twitter, Hi5, and MySpace. Not to forget the Instant Messenger facilities and support for up to several accounts. Also equipped with the unique motion controls to action messaging, in which the wobble will instruct the phone to display new unread messages.

Not only that, it comes with frills "Comes with music", X5 Music brings Ovi applications. Through this application, you can download music for free. The system is similar to Apple's iTunes Store. The difference, the iTunes Store until now could not be accessed by users in the country (Ovi Music can).

X5 users who have accounts Ovi can download music for free through this application. But you can not send it (via Bluetooth) to other mobile phones. This is related to DRM (Digital Rights Management) that accompany each music file is downloaded earlier. While for others there are Quick Office, Message Reader, SmartConnect, Ovy Synch, Games, and more.

Judging from the pedigree, the X5 is not the product series "X" was first launched by Nokia, is not also the first music phone. However, the use of the concept of a tiny Qwerty slider able to make it appear fresh when compared to other Nokia music product.

Behind the greatness in the multimedia, connectivity, and interfaces are offered, there are other things that make it viable counts, which is a free service download hundreds of applications via the Ovi Store and hundreds of free music via Ovi Music.

But unfortunately, the only application that does not exist in the X5 is a GPS navigation feature. It's a pity! Moreover, the battery capacity is still 950 MAh is fairly small, considering the X5 is a series of music phones that require more power.

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