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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Nokia E5-00 Review

Nokia E5-00 Review
We know as the Nokia E series business smartphone upper-middle-complete with supporting features. Now the 'policy' Nokia allows product series can be accessible to a wider market. One of them is the Nokia E5-00.

Design & Display

Steady in the hand. Its weight is too light so ideal when used with two hands when operating its QWERTY keyboard, and not too heavy so it does not make a quick finger sore.

Material used is not adversely affected: do not feel slippery in sweaty hands that easily though. As information from Nokia Indonesia website, the materials used in these products free of PVC and nickel on the surface of products and environmentally friendly.

QWERTY keypad is made of plastic abrasive, but the size and spacing between the keys is less friendly. Too often press the wrong place, and of course, is quite disturbing. That means it took longer to get used to your usual fingers danced over the boards with the mercurial.

In addition to the QWERTY keyboard which amounts to 37 keys, there is also a jack for microUSB and 3.5 mm audio which is located at the top, the volume button on the left of the phone, 5-way navigation, and the second hook button to open the back casing.

Mobile phone antenna is located on the lower back, right at the bottom of the casing, so make sure your hand does not cover such parts as require a better signal. If there are missed calls or unread incoming messages, 5 navigation keys at him would occasionally glow to indicate this to you.

Despite having a light sensor beside the earpiece, but this series does not carry as well as the front camera. Meanwhile, behind the camera was in the right place so that no obstacles such as the finger was found unconscious a few of the lens cover, for example.

The flash is strong enough to accompany his reach, and can be used as a flashlight by pressing the Space key-hold on the home screen. Just like the X5 series, Sym key is also inserted the Bluetooth logo which can be a shortcut for you to organize the activities of The Blue Tooth.

Orientation, depth, width up to the same type of screen used with the X5 series. With a landscape orientation makes viewing photos and videos comfortably viewed. And, if you want to use it outside the room during the day, while the screen is still in shadow of your own head, for example, all of the information displayed can be seen clearly.

Still the same as its predecessor the X5, a camera carried by E5-00 is capable of producing images up to 5 MP camera and VGA video with mp4 format. Lightning lights are quite helpful in a low light, but the results obtained will actually reduce the 'tone' color of the object you shoot. maximize the use of night mode in a room that still contained light source to obtain a natural picture quality.

Considering only capable of displaying 15 images per second (15 fps), we must understand that the video recordings in the E5-00 is not 'smooth' alias less flexible, both when in recording mode and when played back. The way around this is, make sure your hands are not moving too fast, and the object you are recording do not move quickly in close proximity to the lens. In addition to the video light that can be used during recording, the microphone is also sensitive enough to capture the sound.

Separate speakers to output sound from the earpiece can appear hard and powerful. Unfortunately, less 'round', especially when set to the highest volume. Even for some types of songs that rely on high notes, the sound tends to break out. Equaliser provided was not very influential on the sound character. PULSE think this can be improved by listening via the headset, but both the Bass Booster, Classical, Jazz, Pop to Rock is trying to turn also did not bring significant changes.

The rest has to offer Nokia E5-00 is not much different from its predecessors in the field pemanja version of this sound. Shazam which serves as the Music Library, Music is a self-service online music, FM Radio which still requires a headset as an antenna as well as Internet radio covering a variety of radio stations broadcasting from all over the world can you maximize its use even though some require a connection alias connects to the internet. So, keep an eye on the use of your credit or make sure you are in the range of the WLAN.

Although not yet be used, the availability of HSUPA makes data roaming capabilities of the device is reliable. When outside the WLAN coverage, you can still use HSDPA which unfortunately is not equipped with a front camera for video calls interest.

We tried to explore the various sites, either mobile or website, page after page of well able to open. Interestingly, when pressing the Return key, will open the windows of which had previously been opened so you can quickly select the previous page where you want to go.

But it is not without its drawbacks. Ideally, when we choose to 'go back', the device does not need to reload the page so that only more efficient in terms of time, it also saves a toll for using the WLAN connection instead. It is like we can find the Opera Mini browser.

Every time we start cruising the Internet, you can set two options in choosing a profile to use, whether through a network or WLAN operator. The options can be set via the Settings menu, where the first option is that you immediately choose to use one (every time you browse the network operator or always use WLAN) or the second option is the device will ask you first. So, when you'll start surfing, mobile phones will bring up the options window, the internet profile which you will use, or use the WLAN.

Has a wide-oriented screen (landscape) makes it looks when the surf is quite comfortable on the eyes. If you open a web site that the size of his writing is too small, enlarge it with the * and # to zoom out again. This also applies when watching videos on YouTube that are accessed through a browser. But if the direct access of the applications contained in the Internet folder, the video will play automatically adjust to fit the display screen alias witnessed so much more convenient.

A note on YouTube, though still both experiencing buffering (and this is very dependent on the network you use) when playing video, but the buffer and the relatively faster loading pages if you directly access the application via the.


Nokia E5-00 has embedded GPS so it can assist you in finding a location, or give advice on the route of a journey. When you use the maps, the system will download content such as satellite images, sound files, or guide traffic and weather information that would require transmission of large amounts of data. Just like in internet mode, press * or # to do the enlargement of the map.

On the screen will display the information in the form of a color bar indicating such things as the bar is one satellite. If the search for satellite signals, the bars will be colored yellow, and turns green when it is appropriate to calculate the location. Well, more and more green bars means better accuracy rate.

Because it is aimed at businesses, it's no wonder the Office folder contains many applications, ranging from the dictionary, converter, activity records, Microsoft Communicator, Quickoffice (which requires you to register), intranet, zip, to Adobe PDF, World Traveler, AP Mobile and Bloomberg, which is a feeder to news sites, stock movement and its allies cronies such as stock indices, commodities, bonds and currency from around the world. AP is an acronym from the Associated Press, the world of network news is often a reference to both the news and actual photographs.

When using the first time, you will be asked to fill in data such as age, gender, email address (optional) and the region. After all entries are entered, the device will download the data from the server, including photos and video.

Your email needs were able to be accommodated either via its push email feature. The first time you use, you will be asked to choose which email account you want to synchronize with the phone. There are several to choose from such as OviMail, yahoomail, and Gmail. Once the configuration process is successful, you will be connected in realtime over the internet access is available, either via the network operator and the WLAN. Even the inbox is your inbox alias can appear on the Home Screen.

Intensive business activity requires a reliable companion, including the phone. In addition to having an open OS and adequate camera, the Nokia E5-00 also carries a myriad of features that work can be maximized to support your performance. Moreover, relatively long-lasting battery, up to 2 days to use quite active, especially surfing.

However, the most unfortunate of this series is the absence of any single game. Although you can easily download from the internet, but still 'feel' it will feel different between innate game with a downloaded game. Why so serious?

(+): 5 MP camera with flash, HSUPA connections, a full office applications

(-): No video call camera, no autofocus, QWERTY keys are too small and tight, no game

Network: Tri-band WCDMA; Dimensions: 115x58.9x12.8 mm, 126 grams Screen: TFT 256K colors 2:36 inch, QVGA (320x240 pixels) Memory: 256 MB, up to 32 GB of external microSD Connectivity: Bluetooth v2. 0, 2.0 microUSB Camera: 5 MP, 3x digital zoom, LED flash, VGA video at 15 fps; Features: Symbian OS 9.3 Series 60 v 3 FP 2 UI, GPAs / A-GPS, Facebook, twitter, YouTube, MySpace, hi5 , Friendster, Push To Talk, Picture Editor, Vlingo, Font Magnifier, Adobe PDF, Traveler, AP Mobile, Bloomberg, Ovi Service, Dictionary English-Mandarin, Message Reader, Quickoffice, Zip, etc.. Li-ion battery 1200 mAh (BL-4D),

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