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Thursday, February 9, 2012

ClearBlack Technology Display In Nokia

ClearBlack Technology Display In Nokia
Nokia apart known as a manufacturer of mobile phones has also spawned a number of innovative technologies are pinned on their devices. Nokia currently has a technology called ClearBlack display screen, which is technology that allows its users ...

To keep their phones can see the screen even under the blazing sun. Unlike the use Lumia 710 ClearBlack TFT screen, series E7, Lumia 800, and 900 using a Lumia ClearBlack AMOLED screen which consists of three thin layers: linear polarizer, quarter-wave retardation film, and the reflecting surface.

Basically this display technology is the circular polarizer of LCD or AMOLED screen and Gorilla Glass which produces a higher contrast screen to eliminate glare effects of reflected light so that users can more easily read the display that appears on the screen.

When light enters through the first layer, then the light will be directed vertically from the vibration of light waves when the light was so touched inhibiting layer (retardation layer), the light waves will begin to rotate to the right.

When light touches the reflecting surface and he will move in reverse to turn to the left before going through another penghambar layer where the movement of light waves that would be horizontal. Looks like this is a fairly complicated technology, but the concept is behind ClearBlack AMOLED screen that is on posel Nokia Lumia 800 and the LCD on your Nokia ClearBlack Lumia 710 is pretty good.

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