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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Microsoft & RIM Launch BlackBerry Business Cloud Services

Microsoft and Research In Motion (RIM) today has collaborated and launched a new service called BlackBerry Business Cloud Services for Microsoft Office 365, through this new service enables corporate customers to manage ...

Their BlackBerry devices using Exchange Online, hosted version of the Microsoft platform using the Messaging Services. Interestingly, this service is offered free of charge for users of Office Suite 365 or for users of standalone and can be used on almost all BlackBerry devices that exist today. After activating the service, a managed BlackBerry smartphones will be able to sync data with Microsoft Exchange Online email, calendar and organize data.

BlackBerry Balance, a new technology that helps admins manage corporate data on your BlackBerry device with no contact with sensitive personal data and confidential, with this feature users will be able to manage your phone using a web-based console, but the employees will have access to self-service to set the password and do a reset on the device remotely, lock and delete the contents of the data remotely.

Partnerships like this are one reason why some people in the mobile industry believe that RIM could be a viable acquisition target for Microsoft. Companies that have worked together so closely to integrate their technology.

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