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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

RockMelt on the iPhone

RockMelt, a browser feature that integrates Facebook and Twitter, is now available on iPhone and iPod Touch. Just like Mozilla Firefox 4, RockMelt allows users to synchronize data on your computer with the browser on mobile devices, nor vice versa. Simply by logging in at the time of use RockMelt, the user can re-open any saved favorite sites from any device.

Integration with Facebook and Twitter user's account is an excellent feature RockMelt remain presented on this mobile version. Through this browser, users can update the status and use the "Like" on Facebook, as well as read and create a new tweet. In addition, share interesting websites or content to the Facebook page or Twitter can be easily done. This feature makes RockMelt as an ideal application to accompany users wherever they are.

When they want to perform a search or open a site, users only need to write down key words or address bar are available on site at the top of the browser. Frequently visited sites can be bookmarked by the user and automatically synchronized with other devices. If you find an interesting site, but have not had time to read it, users can store it in the feature View Later in the browser. That way, users can open instantly when it finds the right time.

RockMelt is available for free on the App Store for iPhone and iPod Touch devices. Feel free to try!

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