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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Samsung Spica Galaxy Review

Android OS based handset in Indonesia is still little known in this country. No excessive conducted if socialization Indosat to introduce Android devices admirable.

In addition, telecom operators are brave enough membundling six Android phones at once.


Samsung Indonesia seems to dare to show off with Android devices. The presence of the Samsung i5700 Galaxy Spica GT as it dismissed the notion that the vendor did not dare to play with Android in Indonesia. Because the Android version of the previously rumored Samsung Galaxy had entered the country but did not come.

Galaxy itself is almost like Samsung Spica Galaxy. With a stylish design slim candybar phone boasts a full touch screen concept. But still available a few physical buttons at the bottom of the touch-screen navigation buttons, home, back, reject, search, menu and call.


Operating System
Samsung Galaxy Spica is one of the phone to adopt the operating system Android 1.5 or Cupcake. This means, Galaxy Spica class is still below the Motorola Milestone that has been planted with Android OS 2.0. No wonder, in terms of interface is quite similar to those found on the HTC Magic Android 1.5 relies.

Initial menu crammed with three personalized home screen with widgets, shortcuts and applications. While the main menu appears in the standard Android 1.5, with a grid-shaped icon that became his trademark. 800 Mhz processor complete operating system. However, speed is no better than the Milestone is only 550 Mhz processor.

In terms of data storage, Samsung Spica Galaxy is complete with internal memory of 200 MB, but the remaining capacity for use only about 140 MB. But to deal with larger storage, Galaxy Spica is to provide a MicroSD memory slot.

For those who are fond of accessing the internet, Samsung Galaxy Spica has a decent speed access via the HSDPA 3.6 Mbps. At least, when the network performance provided optimal operator, enjoy a comfortable internet. Moreover, its browser Chrome Lite browser capable of performing style on the desktop. As another alternative, the Galaxy Spica internet access can be done via Wifi.

Some of the Android phone is not too focused on the multimedia area. Similarly, the Samsung Galaxy Spica. Despite having a 3.2 megapixel camera and autofocus features, but performance is less satisfactory. Its autofocus feature to have the snapshot is not much different from the phone without autofocus.

The results of any camera phone quality is less than some other comparable ability. The images obtained in outdoor situations tend to be less sharp and relatively obscure. Moreover, under conditions in which less light indoors, the quality is disappointing. Especially the camera settings are minimal, such as no picture setting function or effect.

With a capacitive touch screen 3.2-inch diagonal 65 thousand colors (320 × 480 pixels) display the phone is quite clear. However, if you wear them outdoors sunlight that hit the phone screen can be a bit annoying, the screen becomes a little blurry.

There are three personalized home screen with widgets, shortcuts or applications. While the main menu with several other phones Android 1.5, standard icon with the composition of the grid. Samsung Galaxy Spica supports accelerometer, so it may change from portrait to landscape mode if you change the position of the phone.

To type a message or data input on the Samsung Galaxy Spica, you must use a touch screen via a virtual keyboard. But for those who have been using the Motorola Milestone, iPhone or Blackberry Storm via the touch screen typing was less sensitive and often misdirected. It takes time to use it.

In addition, Samsung Galaxy Spica is not supported with multi-touch features. This feature relies on touch two fingers together in a specific action on the phone screen (such as zoom in or enlarge the image browser page).

On the camera there is a complementary, ie, you can record a video resolution of 325 × 288 pixels with 15 fps framerate. Connecting the video business, this smartphone dibenami video player DivX and Xvid. Quite interesting because it is relatively rare feature on Android phones. So for data transfer, Bluetooth with A2DP vendor offers or data cable.

Down the entertainment capabilities on the Galaxy Spica, discovered standard Android music player. Not too great quality both in terms of interface to the availability of features. The output from the speakers when used to play the song as well as casual listen to sound via its 3.5 mm headset, not too satisfactory.

For an application, you will find that Swithers feature is helpful in the management of Wifi, GPS, Bluetooth and synchronization. This feature is relatively new in Android 1.5. There is also a special application for Facebook, MySpace and YouTube. Moreover, the standard capabilities such as the Android contacts and calendar synchronization with Google account, Google Maps, Google Talks, Google Search and Android Market can be found on this phone.

Samsung Galaxy Spica is the Android-based devices at a price equivalent of a smartphone like the Nokia E72 and Blackberry Gemini. For those of you who are curious to taste the product Android, Galaxy Spica may be an option. Moreover, already available GPS, Wifi, HSDPA. But please remember its multimedia features not too satisfactory.

PLUS: GPS, Wifi, HSDPA, 800 MHz processor

MINUS: cameras and music players are less satisfactory, with no video call

Notes: If you buy a version of the distributor warranty (BM) contained in the mobile phone features Android Market. But, if you give the version or versions of bundling Indosat Indonesia's official output is not available vendor feature Android Market.

Network: GSM 850/900/1800/1900, HSDPA 900/2100
Operating system: Android 1.5, 800 MHz processor
Screen: TFT capacitive touchscreen, 65K colors (320 × 480 pixels), 3.2 inches
Camera: 3.2 megapixel camera, autofocus
Memory: microSD up to 32GB
Connectivity: Bluetooth, data cable
Data transfer: HSDPA 3.6 Mbps
Dimensions: 11.5 x 5.7 x 1.29 cm
Weight: 120 grams
Interesting features: Accelerometer, screen unlock pattern, Google Maps, Google Mail, Google Talk, Google Search, Facebook for Android, Chrome Lite browser, Divx Player, YouTube, Myspace, Android Market (

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