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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Motorola to Launch Two Smartphones and Tablet at End of Year?

Financial reports second quarter which closed in late June showed a positive development for Motorola's mobile devices and their ranks, with total revenues of USD 3.3 billion. Motorola's flagship tablet, Xoom, had received a bad response from the media because of heavy weight, high prices, and Honeycomb operating Android system is not optimal. Nevertheless, Motorola still managed to sell about 440 thousand devices Xoom. In addition, Motorola also reported to have sold 11 million phones.

To continue and improve on this success, Motorola announced it will launch two smartphones networked 4G LTE at the end of 2011. One of the smartphone in question is the Motorola Bionic which uses the Android operating system. This smartphone first announced in the CES show last January, but because there are problems in the application of LTE technology, the launch had to be postponed. Motorola is rumored to be launched Bionic September.

Based on an interview with the CEO of Motorola, Sanjay Jha, Motorola is also preparing two tablets to be launched into the market later this year. Reported that one tablet will be designed with a screen size of 10 inches, while the other will use a smaller screen. This effort was undertaken by Motorola to continue to compete with other manufacturers of other Android devices, Samsung and HTC, and defeated the king's total sales of tablets, Apple iPad which successfully sold 4.69 million units in the second quarter.

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