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Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Premiere GALAXY Note in Southeast Asia

Samsung GALAXY Note incorporates the largest AMOLED screen HD Super market, and high portability with powerful features S pen to enhance your creativity and productivity needs.

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., a leading mobile phone provider, today announced the commercial availability GALAXY Note in Southeast Asia. Note GALAXY will be available in November with the main operators in the Southeast Asia region, including SingTel, StarHub, M1 and Viettel. With the introduction of products that change the game against the background of these markets and strong sales of the series and the series GALAXY GALAXY Tab smartphones; regional income in the category of mobile phones is expected to grow by 104 percent this year.

Note Galaxy has a screen 5.3 "HD Super AMOLED's first and largest in the world. This is a clever screen with high resolution that provides an expansive view in-depth experience and best in its class, while its unique size ensures maximum portability. In addition, pen-input technology advanced, S Pen, combined with touch screen GALAXY Note to users a unique experience. Taking full advantage of the big screen, the user GALAXY Note will be able to perform multi-tasks, create and consume more multimedia data, with fewer interruptions, while traveling.

S Digital Pen can be used to make sketches and artwork are accurate, while the handwriting recognition which allows superior ideas can be captured and shared freely with other devices without the need to perform additional digitizing - handwritten text can be accurately converted into digital characters.

"Galaxy Note is a revolutionary product that opens a new category in the mobile industry and I am very proud of this achievement" said Gregory Lee, President and CEO of Samsung Asia. "Samsung GALAXY Note will change and improve mobile communications by offering creative user experience with innovative features such as S Memo, S and S Planner choice. I am sure that once our customers try GALAXY Note, they will love innovative features and fun. "

"With the introduction of GALAXY Note, we are confident that Samsung will maintain the number one position in the category of mobile phones in Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore and Thailand." He added.

Application with the Special Design
Along with the commercial availability GALAXY Note, Samsung also announced the launch of the 'S Choice', a new category in the menu under Apps Samsung, with applications designed specifically for the features of Pen GALAXY S Note. The new application will include Soonr Workplace, OmniSketch, Zen Brush, ComicBook!, And iAnnotate PDF. Soonr Workplace enables team collaboration with annotations directly on a variety of file formats that are stored in PDF iAnnotate Soonr Cloud and provide annotations directly to the S Pen when reading a file PDF.OmniSketch and Zen Brush is a very useful tool for sketching and drawing. OmniSketch allows users to create a sketch using the S Pen as a brush, while the Zen Brush provides oriental brush simulation.

Amazing Visual Experience

Note the high resolution screen GALAXY ensure that e-books, PowerPoint presentations, news apps and web pages can be viewed comfortably with minimal scrolling or zooming. Minimizing the need to switch between applications, HD Super AMOLED screen GALAXY Note large enough to allow split-screen operation and true multi-tasking, the original application of the most frequently used, can be operated side by side, reducing interruptions. In addition, the screen 5.3 "is the biggest screen ever included in the primary mobile device. With a thickness of only 9.6mm, GALAXY Note quite comfortable in the pocket to offer true portability.

Power, Performance and User Experience Excellence

GALAXY Note 1.4GHz dual-core device ensures a very fast and provide a smooth user interface without a hitch. Network with lightning speed can be activated via HSPA + enables super-fast connection devices, ensuring fast browsing experience and seamless. The user can do video streaming in real-time or join their friends through platformgame online, via the Samsung Game Hub.

Product Specifications Samsung GALAXY Note

* All the functions, features, specifications and other product information provided in this document include, but are not limited to, benefits, design, pricing, components, performance, availability, and capabilities are subject to change without prior notice.

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