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Friday, January 6, 2012

Tips / Tricks using BlackBerry

Tips blackberry 10 Tips you should tahuTips Blackberry Blackberry Curve, Bold, Javelin and lain2 I repost from a similar post in the forum Blackberry user in Indonesia increased considerably in recent months. Symptoms of fever or blackberry blackberry trend is evident in several Indonesian cities. There is indeed bener who need fitur2 typical blackberry, but many more who simply became victims of a trend. Well, including any of you, to be able to use your blackberry more effectively, you should listen to the following 10 tips blackberries.

1. Your BlackBerry PIN!

Every BlackBerry has a unique series of numbers called a PIN. This PIN is bagiank of the BlackBerry and can not be changed, even if you replace your SIM card change. When you receive your new Blackberry unit, the first thing you should do is, find your BlackBerry PIN number. How, go to the icon Option -> Status on this screen you will see PIN anda.Banyak BlackBerry users who do not realize that every time you receive or send something from or to your BlackBerry, your PIN number will be used, whether browsing, receiving or answering emails, and so forth. Indeed you do not have to know, but it's good you know it too, as well as the BlackBerry PIN anda.Mengapa friend? if you mengentahui PIN, you can use this PIN in the page address to send something. Delivery using this PIN aka accelerate the process of sending data from your BlackBerry to BlackBerry destination. If you use an email address, the email you send should pass through the various servers. Fortunately, when sending a PIN, you will receive confirmation that your data has been received by the BlackBerry destination, with a "D" next to the little box centang.Komunikasi PIN will also be very useful, because it does not depend on the BlackBerry enterprise server, or email server , so if at the time the server is down, you can continue to communicate, to recognize each other as long as your opponent PIN.

2. Run the Setup Wizard.

When you receive your BlackBerry and first menayalakan unit, the BlackBerry will run the Setup Wizard. Many users transfer wizard yangt disregard this because they want to use it immediately, this is what would be a waste memori.Setup This wizard will do many things, and especially is to remove language that does not want to use from your BlackBerry. The new units are generally prepared with many languages. Each language, consuming memory on your BlackBerry. If you want to use one language only, make sure you select it during setup, and with this, other languages ​​are cleared. This will enlarge the memory is empty, so you will have more room for applications and email2 penting.Selain, the Setup Wizard will give you a good tutorial for Navigation and Typing, and will guide you through the steps for accessing your email.

3. Always use the thumb.
One frequent mistake people make when using the BlackBerry is not using the thumb. Blackberry is designed to be typed by using both your thumbs. Typed one by one using the index finger was not an effective way to use a BlackBerry, and in addition, because the existing design does not support it, then your typing speed will be very low.

4. Save time with autotext.

One feature that is always present in the BlackBerry. This mechanism will always recognize the words you write, and will then immediately justify the wrong word when you press the spacebar. For example, you type ACN, instead of cans, the BlackBerry will soon replace it with a can at the moment you press the button spasi.Fitur can also greatly speed up typing, some autotext feature also allows you to type very fast. Suppose you want to tell your opponent to call you soon. You just type "Please call me at mynumber [space]" E-mail to be received by your opponent will contain your number. Similarly, the word MYPIN. Myver will send the BlackBerry model and OS you use is in tersebut.Dalam BlackBerry Options -> AutoText, you can specify the entry (or command) to type a certain word. For example, you are so used to always get a follow-up after the meeting, and you often use phrases like: "Thanks for the time given, I will immediately follow up the results of earlier meeting, if nothing else I can do before I follow up formally , do not hesitate to tell me. "This word can you enter as rapat21. So after the meeting tomorrow morning, in the elevator, you simply type "Dear Mr. Dean, rapat21 [space]" and you will be able to immediately send an email follow-up is not it?

5. Remember the shortcut

Lots of shortcuts you can use to further speed up typing on your BlackBerry.
Press twice * [space] = point and a space
* Press and hold the letter, the letter was going to turn into Capital. BlackBerry will convert all the letters into capital every time there is a dot next to them.
* Www [space] kapanlagi [space] com .. even easier is not it?
* When typing an email address, simply use arie [space] kapanlagi [space] net much easier is not it?

6. Buy Storage Card

BlackBerry is now filled with various multimedia features such as cameras and video cameras. BlackBerry Media Player can play various audio and video formats, and also displays the image. To accommodate all these things and can use the maximum, Storage Card (Memory Card) will be more membantu.Jika thinning the BlackBerry's internal memory, the BlackBerry will automatically delete old emails, calendar entries, contacts, etc., and one thinning of the reasons of internal memory, especially if it were not for you to save various file earlier. Oh yes, the BlackBerry tends to slow down, and can even stop working altogether if memory menipis.Kartu Depositary, will soon become the main file storage media when you insert the card in your BlackBerry.

7. Use your BlackBerry as a USB Drive

If you have a storage card in your BlackBerry, and you use it by using a USB cable to the computer, the BlackBerry will display the message "Do you want to turn on Mass Storage Mode". If you agree, then the computer will look at your BlackBerry as a new drive. BlackBerry you will take a USB Drive allih function. This will help you carry important documents and that you frequently use wherever you go.

8. Download and Install the BlackBerry Desktop Software

You can use your BlackBerry without installing any program to your computer. But, if the program is installed in the computer that you frequently wear to work, file transfer and synchronization with a computer is very easy.

9. Install some important applications blackberry reply

This additional program will certainly make it more highly sophisticated and increasingly simplify your work
Google Maps - FREE
Viigo - RSS reader Reader and various other features - FREE
Vlingo - Applications that will make you seemed to have a secretary, just talk to your BlackBerry, and she would type them for you - FREE!
FaceBook - FaceBook on your BlackBerry, FREE TOO!
Pageonce - Organize your schedule in a variety of BlackBerry
WorldMate Live - the perfect friend for your trip!
Games Galore - Game? What is less attractive?

10. Personalize your BlackBerry!

What is the use if the supporters do not reflect who you are. Replace ringtone, wallpaper, new themes, icons and even the layout of your screen.

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